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Sustainability, Single Use PPE & COVID-19

Sustainability, Single Use PPE & COVID-19

The onset of COVID-19 has in the views of many changed the "normal" global landscape permanently. It is difficult to conceptualise anything differently let alone the lasting resource & environmental impact. 


At the outset of the COVI-19 pandemic everyone's attention moved to combatting the virus. No-one truly knew what the associated risks were and the world set out to understand & combat a disease that few people could have predicted. 

Rubber Trees

PPE first became a scarce resource as governments across the globe suddenly reacted to an immediate and unprecidented demand. PPE use was initially only recommended for use in hospital environments but was later was extended to personal use although the level of protection offered is widely speculated upon.


The problem was though, whilst the initial response (PPE demand) was a serious and pressing need, the environmental impact & sustainability (particularly resource demand) took time to manifest itself. 

Now that the scale of the disease is understood along with the associated health risks, focus is shifting to finding a cure & reducing its environmental & resource impact. If you consider the billions upon billions of single use PPE items in circulation along with the ongoing demand, it becomes clear that finding sustainable alternatives is essential.

This is where reusable products should come into its own. Primarily outside of the medical fields due to the strict cross contamination regimes in place. Switching to multiple use items will exponentially reduce the waste create by single use PPE. 

Here at whyLabs the environment & protecting people are core founding principles. In order to address this problem, we have teamed up with a reusable PPE manufacturer.

Discarded PPE

We now have a range of reusable products available. With a reusability of between 25 & 50 times depending on product and care it is not hard to imagine the financial savings that can be realised along with the reduction in the amount of discarded PPE items. 

We believe that this is where the global focus should move too. If you consider the demands placed on the supply chain, resource recovery and environment during the first wave of COVID-19, take a moment to ponder the impact and realities of a potential, more devastating second wave?

Now is the time to change to reusable PPE, protect yourself & the environment.

Please get in touch with us should you wish to explore more sustainable alternatives.

Stay safe

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