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DIgital PPE washrooms

Digital PPE

Digital PPE

Whilst in the short term the world is turning to single-use items such as gloves and masks to protect against COVID-19; whyLABS believes that this is not sustainable for the planet’s future.
Sustainable PPE

Through a reliable network of suppliers and technology houses which share our ethos, whyLABS Digital PPE department will provide technology solutions to help organisations such as yours combat the triple pandemic of COVID, pollution, and climate change.

We look at the physical aspect of your customer’s journey with thermographic imaging technology, IOT sensors for people counting, and sanitation tunnels and bacteria chambers for killing viruses at source.

We can also help secure remote access systems and provide you with cybersecurity hygiene advice from trusted partners from police and military backgrounds.

whyLABS is here to help you get back to work post COVID through intelligent use of technology

workers standing in line wearing PPE sustainable masks to be checked with a digital temperature device

The Benefits Of Digital PPE

Improve operating efficiencies by servicing amenities that require it based on utilisation levels
Understand facility utilisation patterns over time to determine optimal servicing intervals
Improve satisfaction of users by ensuring amenities are maintained at an acceptable hygiene standard
blurred people in mall with PPE masks family walking in mall man in sanitisation gear
man in PPE clothing and sustainable mask disinfecting train carriage
flight check-in attendant wearing PPE sustainable mask using hand sanitiser